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As per Statista, by 2020, there has been a staggering growth from 92 million to 749 million Internet users, making India the second largest online market in the world. ABP Network is one of the fastest growing digital networks which has a plethora of disruptive digital products under its belt : ABP Live, ABP Nadu, ABP Desam, Uncut & Podcasts - that offer diverse and innovative video & audio content in 8 languages across multiple platforms.


Since its inception in December 2013, The digital arm of ABP Network has emerged as one of India’s fastest-growing digital networks and offers content in eight languages. Today ABP News, ABP Majha, ABP Ananda, ABP Asmita, ABP Desam, ABP Ganga, ABP Sanjha, and ABP Nadu are actively imparting news digitally.

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Our digital regional news platform for Tamil Nadu empowers its viewers with intriguing and innovative content, infused with the virtues of Tamil Language, literature, and culture. With a special emphasis on youth-oriented topics, we provide 360-degree coverage on majorly all the sectors that concern society.

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Our digital regional news platform for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, ABP Desam provides credible content to Telugu audiences. The digital platform completely mirrors the culture, ethos, and spirit of the Telugu people. It's tagline is ‘Mana vartalu, mana oori bhashalo!’ which translates to ‘Our news, in our town’s language!’.

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News simplified in the form of videos. Your one-stop destination for all that's trending in the world of the internet! Uncut is part of the ABP Network and is committed to bringing you credible content from India and abroad.

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Established in 2020, ABP Live Podcasts is a content production and publishing house with expertise in various genres like News, Fiction, Sports, Health, Finance, Bollywood, Mythology, Music, Crime, etc. ABP Live podcasts has 16 original podcasts under its catalogue which translates to over 50 hours of audio content.

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ABP Network’s digital studios are integrated with the support of Live televisions, imparting an edge in delivering personalized news via digital networks. ABP’s in-house, custom CMS solution can function independently of a server, making our digital properties highly scalable and swift.

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