Our Core

Our purpose is to create an informed and open society. We believe that an informed and open society is an empowered society and that it is our moral obligation to deliver impartial information for the greater good of the nation. We are bold storytellers, leading the way and engaging our public with ground-breaking content. We add drama to rationality and meaning to facts. Our daring spirit drives us to persevere and we put it into everything we do. It is part of our heritage and we continue to build on it.


We ensure public opinion is based on unbiased, credible sources of information. We provide in-depth analysis and trustworthy commentary on what matters to the society at large.


Perseverance is a common thread that weaves throughout the wide variety of businesses we encompass. Our unflinching determination ensures depth and breadth of information across all platforms.


Our pioneering, fearless spirit enables us to try new things and swim against the tides. We are innovators by nature, leading the industry by taking risks that have a positive impact on the society.


Our large array of content offers a captivating take on facts. We are storytellers, fighting against monotony to generate appeal across our diverse audiences.



With a promise to keep every individual ahead and informed, 24x7 national hindi news channel ABP News was launched


ABP Network began its regional growth story with the launch of a 24x7 Bengali news channel - ABP Ananda


ABP Network entered the Maharashtra market with the launch of its 24x7 Marathi News channel - ABP Majha


Transformation from Star News to ABP News


Launch of 24x7 Gujarati news channel ABP Asmita


ABP Sanjha 24x7 Punjabi news channel launched in Canada


Launch of 24x7 hindi regional news channel for Uttar Pradesh and Uttarkhand - ABP Ganga


Launch of Tamil and Telugu digital news platforms - ABP Nadu and ABP Desam.

ABP Sanjha launched on Tata Sky.

What Differentiates Us

Since our inception, we have strived to update our viewers with important news, as they happen. Despite being one of the oldest media networks, we’ve evolved digitally and reached every nook and corner of the country. Cutting-edge technology and quality content augmented with real-time and 3D graphics are the strengths we’ve inculcated as we grew. We are pioneers in the industry with respect to primetime crime news show and launched the first-ever program structured around exposing fake news via viewer participation.

Crafting ideals for a new generation